Do we talk about Stewardship at St. James? Of course we do, but you’ll hear it in a little different way.   We now talk about “generosity.”

Why generosity?

Well, first of all, we are dependent upon it.  Your life is the result of a generous God who has put all things here for people.   When you start to think about what is “mine” or “yours”… remember that you are really talking about what you have received from the hands of a generous creator!  

Think you are a “self made” person?   Just try building an Ipad out of thin air.  For that matter, the air you breath is also a gift from a generous God!   There is no getting away from it! Secondly, we talk about generosity because we are empowered by it.   Think back to the last time you did something for someone else.  How did you feel helping out in that fashion?   It’s a scientific fact that the act of generosity releases more endorphins than the act of receiving a gift, or making a purchase.   Want to feel at your best?   Be generous!

Finally, generosity takes some planning and evaluation.   We do a little “cost counting” before we engage in it usually, which involves us looking at what we have been given and realizing we have the capacity to share.   This is called “Stewardship, ” wisely managing the things that are entrusted to you, but to do that you first have to recognize with what you are entrusted!  

So, St. James will talk about stewardship, but expect first to have us challenge you a bit with understanding your generosity!