Snake Saturday Quilt Auction

The St. James Project Group created this beautiful and festive handmade quilt specially for Snake Saturday.  The materials and labor were all donated.  All proceeds will be split to support the Project Group’s continued work and the  St. James Food Pantry.

The St. James food pantry is limited to families of students in the North Kansas City and Park Hill School Districts who are qualified by school social workers and referred to the program.  In 2015 the pantry received 98,056 lbs. of food and served 5,062 Families including 6,792 Adults and 7,186 Children.

To bid on this festive quilt as seen during the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City, first register and then you can bid…


1. Register

2. Make Sure You’re Logged In

3. BID

4. Double Check Your Bid


If your bid doesn’t seem to “stick” or you’re sent back to the homepage then you probably aren’t logged in.  If you’ve already registered, try to log in again.  If you haven’t registered, please register first before bidding.

To Double Check Your Bid look for the email address masked with asterisks and your bid amount on the Bids tab of the quilt auction page.