Study Opportunities

St. James offers a variety of options for adult learning and interaction, so take advantage of these that fit your schedule or interest.

“Coffee with Jesus” Wednesdays at 7 a.m. at Perkins on North Oak, or Saturdays at 9 a.m. at Green Acres Market in Briarcliff. It’s a little comic, a little scripture, and a few discussion starter questions that help us reflect on life, relationships, and reasons for doing the things we do. Come and join the conversation.

“8 Q Inquiries.” Second Monday of the month in St. Timothy Hall, 1:30 p.m. “The Gathering” women’s group meet in a bible study that takes a bible story, reads and listens to it, and then generates eight questions for conversation from the group about that story. Lively conversation, open format, a new story every month. Drop in as you are able.

A Different Kind Of Book Fair

Do you have a few books that have been important to you but you are now ready to let go of them and pass them on?  If so, bring them to St. James.

Do you have books that have been imporatnt to you and you want to keep?  Share the book ideas with St. James by lending them to the book fair for display.

These book are being collected on a table in the coffee area.

Bring in a few books and keep watching for the Book Fair date.

Questions? – talk to Jack, Cliff, or Diane.

Church in the World Notes

St. James Church in the World Committee is responsible for overseeing the Food Pantry and the Benevolence distributions from St. James. On a monthly basis they review worthy charities and causes and recommend where St. James Benevolences should be sent. This year, we’ll be identifying the charity a month in advance and providing you information about those charities, giving you an opportunity to make additional gifts toward those causes.

As a way of helping the congregation connect with the gifts made, Church in the World will publish in advance their chosen agencies with dynamic links that will allow you to simply “click and learn” about the agencies or charities. If you choose, you can make direct donations to those agencies as well. We are quite often moved to generosity by understanding, so here is our way of making known all the good that is being done!

In the month of January, St. James will be making donations of $100.00 each of Benevolence Funds to the following agencies.

Northland Assistance Center is a social service agency that works north of the river providing Pantry, Rent/Housing Assistance, gasoline and travel vouchers, and medicine chest services.

Della Lamb provides emergency and particularly Refugee Resettlement services throughout the Metro.

Bread for the World” is an advocacy agency that works at the national and international level to monitor and lobby for world hunger resources, provide education and research to inform legislators on sound and just policies to end hunger and provide for just and equitable food and aid policies.

In February gifts will be given to:

Northland Shepherd’s Center which is a non-profit that works to assure quality of life for those age 60 and above, doing projects, home repair, and meals on wheels.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services which advocates and works for resettlement of refugees into communities.

December Pantry Service Numbers

The St. James Food Pantry is a supplemental nutrition pantry offered to the school districts of North Kansas City and Parkville. If children are receiving free or reduced lunch, we assume the whole family is likely food insecure, and so they are allowed to shop once a week at the Pantry to supplement their food. The Pantry is open Sundays and Wednesdays, and by appointment.

In December, 158 households utilized the Pantry (That averages about 20 families per time the Pantry is open.) That accounts for 336 adults and 414 children who received food from St. James.

Another way of looking at it, for every single time the pantry is opened, 95-100 people receive food for that week. Loaves and fishes kind of work!

2019 Tengdin-Werner Lectures Series

tengdin-werner lecture series.jpgThe Tengdin-Werner Lecture Series will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays throughout the month of January. This lecture series is held in memory of Dr. Dean and Phyllis Werner, and Agnes Tengdin, Phyllis’ mother.

The lecture series provides an opportunity for Christian growth and understanding in the faith journey.

“Counterfeit Gospels”

The Apostle Paul warned the Galatians (1:6) not to fall prey to a “different” gospel. Counterfeit gospels abound today, promising everything from prosperity to emotional ecstasy. Join us on each of the four Sundays in January for a study of the marketing and deception of these phony gospels. Each session will be led by Bill Stancil.

  • January 6:      The Prosperity Gospel
  • January 13;    The Gospel of Legalism
  • January 20;    The Gospel of Emotional Experience
  • January 27:    The Gospel of Privatized Religion

Confirmation Schedule

growing in grace.pngThis is year two of the cycle, and we pick it up from the Old Testament Prophets which lead into the New Testament.

Confirmation at St. James will be on Sundays at noon, with a couple of variations along the way as we try to accommodate busy schedules.

Here’s the schedule for the fall.

Nov 4th — Double Session – Minor Prophets Zephaniah and Haggai  Zechariah and Malachi

Nov 11th — No Confirmation

Nov 18th — No Confirmation

Nov 25th — Thanksgiving Weekend – No Confirmation

Dec 2nd — Matthew, Mark, and Luke – Intro to the Synoptic Gospels

Adult Education

Adult Education on Sundays this fall will focus on the popular “Animate” series. It’s a video presentation by a renowned speaker from across the religious spectrum, introducing us and looking at a history faith practice, and encouraging us to try to build the faith by attending to “doing.”

October 28th — Phyllis Tickle – “Sacraments: A Tapestry of Traditions.”

November 4th — Shane Claiborne – “Money: The Joy of Sharing.

November 11th – Enuma Okoro – “Service: The Needs Right Around You.”

November 18th – Doug Pagitt – “Community: An Unexpected Family.”

November 25th – No Adult Ed – Thanksgiving Break

December 2nd — Budget Forum

December 9th — Travelogue with Bill Danke.

MLM Northland Little Library

Read a good book lately and want to share it with others?  Have your kids outgrown their books and need room for new ones?  MLM has a “Little Library” at their downtown location that has been lacking for some new reads and the program has been so popular that they are starting a new “Little Library” at the Northland locations!

Little Libraries are just a box full of books for people to take or donate books for others to read.  Sometimes people bring back the books, sometimes they don’t so only donate what you don’t care to get back.  The concept makes books more avilable to those who might not have access to a regular library and encourages younger kids to read because they can take the book home for their very own!

You can help out by donating books to the program.  Just drop the books off on the church office desk and we’ll see to it that they get placed in the Little Library.  Or visit MLM after the library is created to participate by trading some books yourself!