St. James members were instrumental in the success of this year’s Metro Lutheran Ministry Christmas Store at Immanuel Lutheran in Westport.  Thank you to the Project Group, who spent the year making beautiful quilts, knitting caps, decorating cookie containers and putting together Christmas stocking kits. Thank you to those who baked cookies, made the stockings, broughtContinue reading “THANKS FOR YOUR HELP WITH MLM’S CHRISTMAS STORE!”

Lutherans Restoring Creation Event

January marks the time for Annual Congregational Meetings and budget proposals. How would you like to learn about ways to lower your expenditures through energy efficiency measures and possible rebates? Lutherans Restoring Creation Mission Table and Metropolitan Energy Center are partnering with host Atonement Lutheran Church (9948 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS) on Sunday, JanuaryContinue reading “Lutherans Restoring Creation Event”

The Currency of Gracious Leadership

Continuing our look at Dr. Eric H.F. Law’s book, “Holy Currencies”  Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries we turn our attention to currency of Relationship. This is based on the “Three Degrees of Influence” theories from modern research.   You might remember the old “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” where people tried to make connections to a celebrity? Continue reading “The Currency of Gracious Leadership”