From the Intern

Our daffodils are about a day away from blooming. My favorite part about daffodils blooming is that it means that our tulips are next, and the magnolia trees are not far behind. I love the early spring flowers: the first real green of the year, the riot of color, the signs of new life and hope: the reminder that we have made it through another winter, and that God does, indeed, make all things new.

As the season of Lent draws to a close this month and we continue our journey of reflection and spiritual disciplines, we have an opportunity to reflect on the ways that God is always making us new: perhaps we find that our relationships with others are transformed, or that we see ourselves in a new and fresh light. Perhaps Lent has drawn us closer to God, closer to our siblings in Christ, closer to our communities. Or perhaps we have a new handle on an old issue that has plagued us, and find new strength for that journey.

Each year, with the coming of the daffodils and tulips and the magnolia blossoms, we know that Easter is coming as well – a day in which we celebrate the risen Christ, the One in whom we draw our comfort and strength. We celebrate his resurrection, his defeat over death, and we are reminded that because of Christ, death will not be the last word for us, either. We, too, will be resurrected on the last day.

When I see the life renewed in daffodils, tulips, and magnolia blossoms, spring after spring, I am reminded of the ways in which God renews my life: spring after spring, Easter after Easter, day after day. I pray that you, too, see reminders around you this spring of God’s renewing work in your lives.


Intern Sarah