From the Intern

Why do we gather together for worship? Why do we worship the way we do? What is the significance of reading Scripture, of celebrating communion, of baptizing our children and remembering our own baptism? What impact do all of these activities have on our relationships with God? On our relationships with each other in this community of faith? On our relationship with the wider world?

These are all important questions to consider and discuss. In his book Central Things Gordon Lathrop says, “Christian worship is the communal encounter with the grace of God incarnate in Jesus Christ.” If this is true, it is helpful to gather together as a community and talk about these things from time to time, to reflect on our encounter with the living God in our worship and to be reminded of why these acts of worship are meaningful to us – or, if they are no longer meaningful, to consider what we can do differently so we do encounter Jesus incarnate during worship.

Over the four Sundays in February, I will be leading an adult education series in which we will consider and discuss these questions. Please join me in conversation about how acts of worship are foundational to our faith at St. James.

February 3: Why Is Worship Important?

February 10: Why Is the Word Central to Worship?

February 17: Why is Communion Central to Worship?

February 24: Why is Baptism Central to Worship

Intern Sarah