From the Intern

As part of my seminary studies, I’ll be headed up to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for the second week in January to take a preaching class. While I’m at Luther, I’ll live and worship with other DL (distributed learning) students, as well as some residential and commuter students. We live in the dorms, share communal meals in the basement kitchen or a local eatery, and share our stories and our lives with each other for a week or two.

Many of the people that I will be in class with are in the same “cohort” as I am, which means that we started the MDiv (Masters of Divinity) program during the same year. Other classmates will be from a cohort before or after me. Regardless of which cohort we belong to, we are there for the common goal of developing a theological and pastoral underpinning to our calls to ministry. We all recognize the importance of our opportunity not only to study together, but to be in community together. We recognize that our time together on campus is holy and life-giving, an opportunity to feed and be fed.

Looking forward to February, I will be leading a four-part adult education series on worship. I invite you to join me as we explore the Word, Communion, Baptism, and the experience of the service itself.


Intern Sarah