Stewardship Notes from the Pastor

“As you have been blessed…” has wrapped up, and all that is left now is during this month to reflect back on the experience and make some commitments for 2019.

As I said, this was a little different kind of emphasis. Less about money, or doing, and more about being and thinking about what brings you joy, seeing opportunities around you, and building some new relationships.

I hope these are tools that you will take with you in the months to come.

You can always bring a blessing, you don’t need a card for that, but the card is a way of inviting people to come and see or discover what you have found here.

You don’t need a devotional to pick up a phone or send a message of care and connection to someone who is new to you, but the prodding to do it reminds you that you can do that in any place you work or spend time, to connect with another person in a meaningful way.

You don’t need an inventory to discover joy, but you might now begin to see God coming to you in other quotes and provocations of thought, and maybe delight in where you see God popping up in your life. Maybe you will take stock of your blessings when a phrase hits you, a song lyric tickles your ear.

You have been blessed in so many ways, and I hope some piece of the “As You Have Been Blessed” emphasis helped you connect with that.

Pastor Merle