Stewardship Notes from the Pastor

As You Have Been Blessed.jpgSt. James Fall Stewardship Emphasis, Nov 4, 11,& 18.

“As you have been blessed…” is the theme for our 2018 Stewardship emphasis, and it promises to be a more “hands on” experience of sharing, learning, and receiving.

Week One begins on November 4th, where we’ll challenge ourselves to give 1000 blessings to the community. A “blessing” is what you choose it to be, so long as it is received as such by someone else. It’s an exercise in mindfulness, showing kindness to strangers, and envisioning a world where sharing is the norm.

Week Two will begin on November 11th, Armistice Day, and it focuses on the currency of truth and trust. We can trust a gracious God because this God intentionally connects us with others who are in need, and who supply our need in time of trial. It is a week long “one on one” with someone who will become your “Trust Buddy” for a week, someone in the congregation that you will get to know much better in conversation, prayer, and sharing.

Week Three will begin on November 18th, our “Bring Forward Your Gifts” day, as we gather in worship to do a “Joy Inventory.” This Sunday will be a visible time of bringing forward things that bring us joy, and reveling in God’s goodness. We’ll also have an opportunity to commit to some personal changes we have decided to make that will bring joy to our lives, and bring forward our “Joy Decisions” in worship.