Narthex Enhancements

narthex enhancements   The last piece of Narthex Enhancements has been put on temporary hold while we secure funding for the project.   Life is what happens when you are planning other things.   When we started this project we did not foresee the death of an Air Conditioning Unit nor the opportunity to become involved in the Internship Program with Luther Seminary.   In view of our overall cash flow situation and these new demands upon it, the council is putting it on hold.

The total cost of the art project designed by Janet Kummerlein is projected to be just about $7,000.00.  We have a little less than half the funds in hand for this project, and cannot in good conscience tell the artist to proceed until we have it all in hand.

If you’d like to see this project come to fruition, you can make gifts toward it.  It may be that there is sufficient desire to see it completed right away, and we won’t say “no” to that.  We simply can’t commit reserve funds toward a luxury item.

Thank you for imagining forward a bit and helping complete this project in God’s time.