MLM Northland Little Library

Read a good book lately and want to share it with others?  Have your kids outgrown their books and need room for new ones?  MLM has a “Little Library” at their downtown location that has been lacking for some new reads and the program has been so popular that they are starting a new “Little Library” at the Northland locations!

Little Libraries are just a box full of books for people to take or donate books for others to read.  Sometimes people bring back the books, sometimes they don’t so only donate what you don’t care to get back.  The concept makes books more avilable to those who might not have access to a regular library and encourages younger kids to read because they can take the book home for their very own!

You can help out by donating books to the program.  Just drop the books off on the church office desk and we’ll see to it that they get placed in the Little Library.  Or visit MLM after the library is created to participate by trading some books yourself!