Generosity Project

Generosity is essential to the daily expression of our faith and best formed and practiced in the household, among all generations, with the support of the congregation. When values and finances are discussed in households, trust is built and faith is nurtured.

This is an event for all ages, and works best when we have every generation represented, so that Grandparent age folks can talk to young children about their understanding, and share wisdom, while learning the wisdom of children who lead us!

Supports congregations in equipping all generations as stewards of God’s abundant grace

Equips households as places where generosity is recognized and responded to with joy

Broadens the understanding of stewardship and changes the overall culture of sharing and giving in congregations

If this sounds exciting to you, plan now to attend this participatory, 3-1/2 hour workshop that will change you, and give you ways to understand your own giving, saving, spending, and sharing patterns.

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